1. Email the document to Rachael.K.Hartman@owlofhope.com

2. Include your deadline. I usually require at least two weeks to complete work on a document, depending on how long it is. I will need at least two weeks for up to 50-pages, and at least a month for 100-pages.

3. If you do not hear back via email within 24 hours, or if you are on a time-crunch, verify I have received your request and that I will be able to meet your deadline.

4. You will receive an editing sample and a project price quote. Half of the estimate is due upfront. The rest is due upon completion. All purchases are final.

5. My services are not guaranteed for perfection. I do not assume responsibility for grades or accuracy of the information you submit. I only work on grammar, punctuation, organization, and readability issues. I do not provide research services or writing services for students.

The Grammar Queen is a part of Our Written Lives, LLC

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